Our goals and values


Enhance understanding of addictive consumptions in New Zealand

  • Harness the diverse expertise within the Centre to improve understanding of the patterns and consequences of dangerous consumption use – biologically, psychologically, socially.
  • Examine addictive consumptions from varying cultural perspectives.

Identify and evaluate early intervention, treatment and harm reduction approaches

  • Build on our knowledge of the causes and impact of addiction to develop new interventions that are proven to be effective in preventing or managing substance misuse, and alleviating addiction-related harm.

Foster a world-class multidisciplinary approach to addictions research

  • Celebrate the many different philosophies, perspectives and skills that our members bring to understand the complexities of addiction and its impact on the individual and society.
  • Partner with addiction researchers nationally and internationally to maximise the breadth, depth and impact of our research.

Collaborate closely with treatment providers

  • Work closely with a broad range of stakeholders in the health care sector to ensure our research is relevant to both policy and practice, and measurably improves the lives of people living with addiction.

Engage with health policymakers

  • Stimulate discussion to inform policy and regulation that address the negative impacts of addictive consumptions.

Work in partnership with our communities

  • Consult widely to develop research projects that respond to the needs of the various communities affected by the hazardous use of addictive consumptions in New Zealand.

Nurture tomorrow’s addiction research scientists and clinicians

  • Attract and encourage a new generation of researchers dedicated to undertaking high quality research that will provide a sound evidence base for the understanding and treatment of dangerous consumption use.
  • Build the research capacity of health professionals working in the addictions field.

Disseminate our findings widely

  • Share our scientific discoveries as widely as possible, within and beyond the academic community, to influence the development of evidence-based policy and practice, and encourage informed understanding and debate about dangerous consumptions and their impact on individuals, families and communities.

Core values

The Centre for Addiction Research exists to provide independent and high quality research on the dangerous consumptions that affect the well-being of individuals, communities and society.

Throughout all activities, we aim to acknowledge the special relationship we have with Māori under the Treaty of Waitangi, and we are committed to supporting principles and practices of equal opportunities in the development of research.

Our work will be governed by the following core values :

Public good

Pursue a high level commitment to activities that promote the health and wellbeing of the population.

Diversity of thinking

Foster openness of ideas by respecting differences in theoretical and methodological perspectives.


Pursue high standards of honesty and dedication in all academic activities and administrative processes.


Build a community of respectful engagement by minimising disrespectful and dismissive behaviour.

Ethical relationships

Monitor conflicts of interest and avoid relationships with organisations associated with addictive products that generate harm.