Our research - Alcohol and other drugs

Research on alcohol and other drugs


Our centre includes researchers from across the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences who have a long history examining issues associated with alcohol and other drug use in New Zealand.


Recent alcohol research addresses topics such as:

  • Screening and brief interventions
  • Patterns of alcohol consumption, alcohol and injury
  • Youth use of alcohol
  • Treatment options
  • Cultural perspectives and practices
  • Alcohol and pregnancy
  • The pharmacokinetics of alcohol.

Research into illicit drug use in New Zealand includes:

  • Cannabis use
  • Opioid substitution programmes
  • Prescription drug misuse
  • Impacts of methamphetamine use
  • Cognitive effects of drug use
  • The effect of addictions on families
  • The psycho-pharmacology of various drug actions.

A number of recent projects have also focused on emergent synthetic and combination drugs (e.g. party pills, Kronic, Fantasy) and this research has been used in government policy decisions.